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Cobot Team is a U.S. Distributor of Rethink Robotics GmbH, specializing in the sales and service of SawyerTM collaborative robots ("cobot").  With a dedication to exceptional service and support, we ensure our clients succeed with their cobot deployments.


We provide a flexible, safe and easy to deploy cobot solution, to help reduce the repetitive, mundane, and less desirable tasks performed by people, so they can up-skill and take on higher value work within the company.  This approach helps fill vacant positions, leads to greater productivity, reduces turnover, and increases customer satisfaction.

Cobot Team sells and represents cobot and vision inspection solutions. Through our innovative use of technology, locations, and resources, we provide our clients the opportunity to deploy cobots, in a cost effective, low risk, in-house approach.

Sample Applications

Our cobots are highly capable in a variety of industries.

Plastic Injection Molding 

Machine Tending

Pick and Place

Services Provided

Application Identification 

Our team will help you to identify the best possible opportunities for cobot placements.

Work Cell Design and Planning

We'll cover topics to help you create or modify existing work cells for cobots.

End Effector Selection

Our team will help you identify which end of arm tool, or grippers are right for the task.

Employee Introduction

We can discuss some best practices for introducing cobots to your employees.

Prove It

We provide proof of concept work, training, and a trial period, to help eliminate doubts.

Software Updates

We'll make sure that your cobots have the latest software, and train you on new features.

Hazard Analysis

We discuss topics related to hazard analysis, ISO / R.I.A. standards for safety.

Tech Support

We provide exceptional technical support & product service to keep your cobots producing.