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Collaborative Robot Workforce Solutions

Leading to better utilization of your current workforce and opportunities to upskill your team.

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Why Choose Cobot Team


We deliver innovative turnkey solutions, training, and consultation, to help companies and their teams deploy Collaborative Robots (cobots) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to help meet workforce challenges.

Collaborative Design Process

We are approachable, collaborative, and easy to work with to explore and design solutions that meet the budgets and expectations of our customers.

High Quality 

With years of experience focused on collaborative robot innovations, and by partnering with the best cobot and AMR manufacturers, we will recommend and deploy quick ROI, on-time, and exceptional solutions.

Exceptional Support

We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied with the solutions, consultation, support, and training we provide.

About Us

Cobot Team approaches automation from a workforce solutions perspective, with the intent to help fill labor shortages and skill gaps, while allowing companies to better utilize and upskill their current workforce.  Leveraging the use of safe collaborative robots (cobots) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), that work within our client's current site design and spaces, and that are easy and flexible to deploy, we can help them achieve meaningful results and a quick ROI without disrupting their workforce or taking long to deploy.

Established in 2018, we have been focused on servicing clients across the United States with collaborative robots and automation solutions. We have a unique company culture, with an exceptional level of customer care and quality service philosophy. 


Our Business Partners

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“Really appreciate the quick response and great service.”

Manufacturing Company, CA

“We experienced an ROI of less than 6 months.”

Medical Device Company, OR

“We like working with Cobot Team, and the support provided.”

Pharmaceutical Company, IN

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  • What is a collaborative robot?
    Collaborative Robots have force sensing that enable them to stop when coming into contact with a person or object. Therefore they are safer to work near people than traditional industrial robots. They are also designed to be easier to program and more flexible to move or redeploy.
  • Is Cobot Team a turnkey solutions provider, integrator, or distributor?
    We are flexible and easy to work with, providing turnkey solutions, integration support while working with your teams, or selling robots for our customers to deploy on your own (typically including our consulting and technical support.)
  • Where do you see collaborative robots fitting best?
    Using Collaborative Robots (cobots) for machine tending, such as CNC machine, CMM, Laser Marking, as well as plastics pick, place and pack are common. Many other tasks that fit the payload, reach, and cycle time expectations, include palletizing, welding, inspecting, surface finishing, and material movement throughout a facility with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).
  • What is different about Cobot Team?
    We approach automation and robotics from a workforce solutions perspective. We focus on providing our customers with exceptional solutions and customer service to help them meet or exceed ROI expectations. If we feel your application is not a good fit for a cobot or AMR, or does not meet a typical ROI or process improvement objective, we'll let you know early in the process to respect your time.
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