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Rentals - Robots as a Service

Robot Workforce Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Rent Collaborative Robots


Cobot Team deploys Robots as a Service (RaaS), a subscription-based rental contract, to perform repetitive tasks within your facility, on a monthly rental fee basis.


RaaS is a low capital, low risk, and flexible option to deploy robotics quickly, and without taking you own operations and engineering staff resources. 


Cobot Team provides the robot and accessories, then integrates with your workflow, machines, and processes.


Let us help free up time for your current workforce, so they have more time to focus on higher value work and contributions.

Watch these Collaborative Robots at Work


Watch these AMR's at Work


Zebra Robotics Automation (AMR) RaaS solutions


As a Zebra Robotics Automation, Mobile Robotics Specialist, Cobot Team can help deploy Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) solutions on an RaaS basis. 


Together we assess the suitability of our clients facilities, and will be on-site until our client teams are trained and ready to use the AMR solutions to achieve their goals. 


Cobot team will provide on-going support services, along with training and updates.

Contact Cobot Team to learn about RaaS and where we offer this approach.

Our Promise

At Cobot Team, our promise is to unlock the untapped potential of your business by offering exceptional Robots as a Service options. With our cutting-edge robotics solutions, we guarantee to enhance your efficiency, lighten your workload, and ultimately bolster your bottom line. By providing access to advanced automation technology and expert support, we empower your organization to achieve new levels of productivity, cost-effectiveness, and success. Trust Cobot Team to be your dedicated partner in revolutionizing your operations and driving unparalleled growth.

How It Works

Identifying the Need

Assess the feasibility and potential benefits of implementing a robot to your business.

Book a Robot

We'll help select the robot that best suits your needs for business, productivity, and goals.

Customer Support

Throughout the Raas period, we'll provide quality customer support to keep your robots working.

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