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Collaborative Robot Integrated Solutions

Robot Workforce Solutions for Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

Machine Tending

Our integrated collaborative robot solutions help revolutionize the manufacturing process with exceptional capability to easily handle the loading and unloading of parts from various industrial machines.

  • CNC Machines

  • Press Brake 

  • Laser Marking

  • Inspection Systems

  • Many other machine loading & unloading tasks

CRX-10iAL Machine Tending.png


Reduce or eliminate manual end of line palletizing with quick ROI collaborative robot solutions that fit in smaller spaces than industrial palletizers, can be easily moved, and are safe to work near people.   

  • FANUC CRX-25iA option

    • 25KG payload with 1,889 mm reach

    • up to 30KG at 1,756 reach

    • IP 67 rating

    • Handling 5 - 7 boxes per minute

  • Dobot CR20A option

    • 20KG payload with 1,700 mm reach

    • IP 54 rating


Repetitive small part welding can often be easily achieved utilizing a collaborative robot welding cell.  If you are having challenges hiring or retaining qualified welders, this is a great solution that then allows your welders to focus on the more interesting, challenging and less repetitive tasks. Consider a couple different approaches:

  • Simple Welding Solutions using your current welding source, torch, platforms, and fixtures.

  • Fully integrated welding cells including: 

    • Cobot

    • Welding Source​

    • Welding Torch

    • Wire Feeder

    • Electric Cabinet

    • Welding Platform


Material Movement

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) solutions revolutionize the manufacturing and logistics landscape by seamlessly bringing products to your workforce, streamlining operations, and maximizing floor space utilization. Reduced the wasted time of manual transportation by people walking and pushing carts.  Consider the potential for:


  • Work cell delivery

  • Line replenishment

  • Receiving to storage

  • VLM to pack out

  • Dunnage to recycling

Sanding / Surface Finishing

Collaborative robots help alleviate the environmental and safety hazards of manual sanding, surface finishing and de-burring by the people. This allows your to workforce concentrate on inspection, touch up, and other production process and leave the hard manual work of surface finishing up to the cobot. 

  • Use of force sensing for proper pressure 

  • Advanced sanding end of arm tools

  • Easily train the sanding movements

  • Use of quick change sand paper stations  

CRX-10iA Sanding Cabinet Door.jpg
CRX-10iA Paint Inspection.jpg


Collaborative robots are exceptional solutions for presenting parts to an inspection system, or having a camera or sensors attached to the cobot arm to inspect parts and surfaces.  

  • Easily integrated inspection cameras and systems

  • Pass / Fail Signals to cobot

  • Consistency and repeatability of part placements

Pick / Place / Packing

Collaborative robots can easily pick and place items in a box, or to pack cartons into larger shipping boxes.


  • Vacuum grippers or parallel electric or pneumatic grippers

  • Customized fingertips

  • Use of force sensing and/or a vision system

CRX-10iA Food Grade Picking Food Items.jpg
We provide Collaborative Robots (cobots) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) as workforce solutions to meet labor shortages and to enhance the human workforce potential for advancement. Our goal is to help businesses optimize their operations and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of these safe, flexible, and quick ROI robot solutions.
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